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Welcome, my name is Kimberly and I am excited to begin this journey with you.  Perhaps you have come here because you feel burdened by intense emotional upheavals, find yourself doing all the work in your relationships, sacrifice so much for others but still feel alone.  Perhaps you struggle to maintain boundaries and create the healthy relationships you want or fall back into habits that sabotage your physical and emotional well-being.  You know what you need to be fulfilled, but anxiety and depression still cripple your ability to build the life you want. 


Rest assured that you are not alone.  Not only can I help, but I have been there myself!  As a deeply empathetic and intuitive person, I know that strong emotions can be a source of strength but can be overwhelming.  I know what it is like to prioritize the needs of others to my own detriment, and compromise on boundaries in an effort to seek connection.  I can personally relate to feelings of anxiety, loneliness and feeling ‘stuck’ in patterns that only serve to bring discomfort.


If you are tired of just ‘surviving’ and want to experience the fullness of the life you want, then take heart because I am here to walk alongside you through the change you need.  I help individuals and couples who are suffering with deep communication and emotional challenges communicate and cope in new ways so that they can begin to build the fulfilling relationships they long for. Consider this the first step to a grand new adventure towards hope and healing!


“Not all those who wander are lost.”  J.R.R. Tolkien


About Me & Education


I received my Master’s in Counseling at Lindenwood University in 2022, and am a PLPC licensed in the state of Missouri under the supervision of Eve Dyson, license number 002779. 


I prefer to work with a focus on attachment style, inner child work, and emotion-focused interventions.  Simply put, I like to help clients discover the source of their emotional struggles and work to heal those early wounds so they can grow and thrive.  I love working with clients who are ready for new emotional scenery, wish to discover themselves, and want to learn how to be the gatekeepers of their thoughts and feelings. 


As a therapist, I am person-centered and trauma focused.  I approach my clients with warmth, gentleness and an open heart for their experiences.  I know that healing is holistic, and respect the dignity and unique needs of each individual.  My office is warm and inviting, and my hope is that you will feel comfortable and at home.  I love the ocean, nature and Middle Earth so you will certainly find some of those elements when you come to visit.


I accept work with individual adults, couples, and some adolescents based upon service need.

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